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COMANCO Works into Night to Complete Landfill Gas Well


This past weekend COMANCO Environmental started a gas well construction project in the Midwest US. Thirty bore holes are to be drilled for the construction of 30 new gas wells. Once drilled, a 6″ perforated steel pipe will be inserted to aid in collecting the landfill gas. In addition to the pipe, the holes are backfilled with gravel, bentonite & a clean grade soil. The well depths will range from 23′ to 140′ deep. Future header and lateral HDPE pipes will tie-in to these wells transfer the gas to a designated flare. The 1st gas well was complete Friday night as the crew stayed after daylight hours to ensure the well was complete in it’s entirety eliminating any potential hazards of leaving it incomplete over night. Superintendent, Bill Newman and Project Manger, Clayton Lung helped lead these efforts.