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COMANCO Driver Training

In our continued effort to improve safety and empower our employees with knowledge, we have invited a group of our drivers to take their driving skills to the next level, by participating in a COMANCO specific class provided by Driving Dynamics.

Driving Dynamics offers a course different from many other defensive driving courses because it is Behind the Wheel Training. Our employees drive our vehicles in a protected, closed-course, under the guidance of Driving Dynamics Instructors, through a grueling set of situations and scenarios designed to improve driving understanding, vehicle limitations and capabilities, reaction times and emergency maneuvering.

Driving Dynamics uses a 60/40 Rule (Behind-The-Wheel v. Classroom) training model. Their REAL System of Learning™ process provides students with the highest level of time in the driver seat to practice newly learned skills in a safe, controlled learning environment.


No 2 - Driving Dynamics 06-12-15

No. 3 Driving Dynamics 6-12-2015

No. 4 Driving Dynamics 6-12-15