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COMANCO Completes New Cell at Ash Monofill, WA


A nine-man crew led by Superintendent LeRoy Smith completed a 1 acre, 4 layer, coal ash cell last week at an ash monofill in south Washington State. The liner system consisted of geosynthetic clay liner, 60-mil geomembrane, 200-mil double sided geocomposite and 80-mil geomembrane. Each layer was roughly 53,000 square feet installed with 5 additional layers of rub sheets in a liquid collection trench spanning the cell.


The project was completed well ahead of schedule and with zero safety incidents. Great production was achieved throughout all phases of this project as a result of quality preparation of materials, efficient construction methods and capable crew assignments. This crew did an outstanding job staying committed to COMANCO’s safety practices while enduring several days of high winds and severe heat. Please see project photos below.