COMANCO Begins Temporary Cover Project at St. Louis Landfill



Last week, COMANCO Environmental began a temporary cover liner installation project at a landfill near St. Louis, Missouri.  The project consists of installing nearly 450,000 SF of 40-mil smooth HDPE liner, as well as 450,000 SF of Wind Defender over the liner.  ‘Wind Defender’ is a new product utilized to protect geomembrane caps against severe weather conditions such as uplift from heavy winds. 

Also included within this project’s scope of work is the installation of thirty 8” pipe boots, one 24” pipe boot, five 12” pipe boots and five 4” pipe boots.  The temporary cover system will provide more vacuum to the landfill’s gas collection system enabling it to operate more efficiently. 


Foreman Rogelio Gomez is leading the 9 man crew and they expect to have the project complete by the end of next week.

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