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Check your Budget for Savings (and Invest your Savings Wisely)


Click here www.ingdelivers.com/budgeting to see how some simple, everyday actions – like keeping your tires inflated – can potentially “pump up” your retirement savings (if you contribute to your 401(k) account and take advantage of the Company match!)

Did you receive your quarterly 401(k) statement from ING last week?  How is your 401(k) account doing?  In the COMANCO 401(k) plan, some employees had 21.32% return for the past 12 months and 4.95% return for the last quarter.  We hope your numbers look like this or better!  Do you have your 401k contributions and the COMANCO Match invested in various options?  If you have questions about investing, feel free to explore the tutorials on your ING website www.ingretirementplans.com (under Education and Tools).

You can also contact our 401(k) advisor (her contact info is on your 401k statement or call HR to get the advisor’s phone number).  You can change your 401(k) contribution percentage as often as you’d like: online www.ingretirementplans.com or over the phone 800-584-6001.

Happy Investing!  Call or email Natalia and Luz in HR with questions.