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Commercial Construction Florida

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For more than 30 years, COMANCO has worked across the country, focusing primarily on the environmental services industry. Through the years, we have concentrated our efforts towards building a strong safety culture, with an emphasis on dedicated service and superior quality.

In 2016, we began applying our experience and resources to the commercial construction industry. With our primary principles being safety, quality, and service to the customer, we believe that the processes and procedures built during our 30 years of experience translates well into the commercial industry.

COMANCO provides construction management services with a focus on projects along the west coast and through central parts of Florida.

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Construction Project Spotlight

Starkey Ranch Sports Complex | Pasco County


COMANCO Construction Crew, led by Superintendent David Haygood, broke ground late February, beginning the construction of three new buildings at the Starkey Ranch Sports Complex. As construction began in March, the concrete foundation was poured for the buildings and the perimeter block walls were halfway completed in only two days. By the end of March, the steel supports were erect for the pre-engineered metal Maintenance Building. All trades involved were carefully coordinated to orchestrate the construction of each building simultaneously.

The Concessions and Restrooms Buildings reached truss height by early April. By the end of April, the CMU block walls were completed for inspection and the walls and roof panels were also installed in the Maintenance Building. This is another example where coordination was key as COMANCO’s HVAC sub-contractor was able to install all main trunks for the A/C duct in the Concessions building while the framers were on-site setting the trusses.

All three buildings had all taken shape by May, and the COMANCO Construction Crew had moved to the installation of the overhead rolling doors, windows, and completion of the dry-in for the Maintenance Building. The Concessions and Restroom Buildings were finished up and prepared for inspection as they finished plumbing, mechanical and electrical work. Stucco was used for both the Concessions and Restroom Buildings and applied as a three-layer cement coating system on top of a metal lath installed directly over the block. Metal lath was covered with a “scratch coat” of cement first, then a “brown coat” of cement, and finally the finish/top coat to provide a great aesthetic look for the buildings.  To complete the construction of the exterior of the Concessions and Restrooms Buildings, a metal roof was installed, and the painting was completed in early June.

In June, the interior of the Maintenance Building was wrapped up and included finishing the drywall and installing a fenced storage area. Prefabricated awnings were installed, and the painters made their way through the buildings priming and installing dual coats of paint. Wood beams, brackets, and canopies were all selected to match the rustic theme of the park as an acknowledgment of the land’s original use as a ranch.

In July, the awnings carpentry work was completed, and Glavaume roof panels were installed to put finishing touches on the sloped canopies on both the Concessions and Restroom Buildings. The crew began work on the patio, setting the masonry seat wall and grill wall. Footers were excavated, and rebar was installed in preparation for the concrete pour. The seat wall formed a barrier of the concrete patio area that surrounds the Concessions Building, complete with picnic tables, landscaping, Sabal Palms in planters, and an irrigation system. This is now is a great place to enjoy food, drinks and time with your friends and family!

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COMANCO is licensed, bonded, and insured. CGC #1508920.


COMANCO Construction Corporation provides full-service contracting and construction management for the commercial and industrial markets throughout Florida.  We take a hands-on approach to the entire construction process. Accurately estimated costs, a firm commitment to the established budget, and close monitoring along each step of the construction process is a hallmark of COMANCO Construction projects. On every work site, experienced professionals with a focus on compliance and safety, work to reduce delays that can increase costs. Our supervision and crews strive to eliminate inefficiency and deliver on time with no safety incidents.

Our company background includes over 30 years of experience in all facets of the construction process.  COMANCO is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, from initial pre-construction planning to onsite management of all subcontractor activities. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients in every aspect – creating professional, respect-driven, long-term builder partnerships.

COMANCO Construction broke ground January 2018, beginning the construction of the new Hardee’s restaurant located in Deltona, FL. As construction began in February, the concrete foundation was poured for the building floor slab and the first portion of the structural wall and the masonry work was completed. Starting the first week of March, the installation of the steel bar joists and metal roof decking was completed to design in a safe and timely manner. A crane was used to fly the joists in position, allowing welding crews to attach the embedment’s in the CMU block.

The secondary pour for the structural storefront wall and grouting of remaining CMU block were completed by the second week of March. The installation of the interior metal framework, plumbing, electrical, storefront windows & framing, and HVAC ducts and curbing were completed the following week.
In April, the exterior façade of the building was rounded in to form as the EIFS and stone veneer was completed. The storefront windows and doors were installed. The site work was completed for the sidewalks and the concrete drive-thru. Inside the kitchen area, the FRP walls were installed, the freezer/cooler built, exhaust hoods hung, and the floor received the new commercial flooring product Eco-Grip – a high quality, durable, eco-friendly flooring.

By May, the site concrete, asphalt paving, interior furnishings, and the hanging of the staple Hardee’s sign had been completed. The installation of the irrigation system and landscaping were the final pieces of the puzzle that were completed on the first week of June.
The grand opening was held on June 19, 2018. This is now is a great place to enjoy food, drinks and time with your friends and family!

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COMANCO is licensed, bonded, and insured. CGC #1508920.


COMANCO Construction broke ground February 2018, beginning the construction of the newest Tire Choice building in Trinity/New Port Richey, FL. Installation of the main beams for the structure of the building, the irrigation well, steel erection and grading were conducted simultaneously. Orchestrating these many workers safely on a small site is a COMANCO specialty.

By the end of February, the steel erection of the pre-engineered metal building was well underway as the framework neared completion. The steel erection advanced smoothly, and more importantly, safely. The wall panel sheeting and insulation, prior to the Galvalume standing seam roof were installed. The site work was in progress simultaneously, as the new sewer line and manholes were installed to service the building once complete.

With the building erection completed, the structural steel went up, and the wall panels and insulation were installed and the standing seam metal roof completed. The site work continued as the stormwater and sanitary structures were installed, and the site was graded for concrete and pavement.

In April, all underground work had been completed and approved. The storefront windows and doors and the overhead bay doors for vehicle service were installed, completing the building dry-in. The interior of the building started to take shape, as the drywall didn’t take long in installation to create the new retail service and customer lounge areas.

The paving of the parking lot and the DOT work to install the new deceleration lane to access the property was completed to allow safe access to the Tire’s Choice property for future customers. The final step to prior completion was the interior of the building and installation of all equipment for the bays in the service area.

The newest Tire Choice building in Trinity/New Port Richey, FL was open for business June 12, 2018. The full-service automotive tire and repair store now offers oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and much more, all guaranteed at the lowest prices.

COMANCO is licensed, bonded, and insured. CGC #1508920. For more information about commercial construction, contact a COMANCO Specialist.


COMANCO Construction has completed a metal roof repair in Clearwater, FL. COMANCO demo’d the existing roof materials and damage caused by a hurricane. Replaced two rafters (W14x22) steel beams. Replaced eight purlins and eave struts. Installed new Galvalume roof panels. Installed four runs of translucent panels from eave to eave for daylight access.

For more information about commercial construction, contact a COMANCO Specialist.

COMANCO is licensed, bonded, and insured. CGC #1508920.


COMANCO Construction broke ground August 2017, beginning the Hernando County Operations Landfill Building Construction. The project kicked off by demolishing the existing operations building, before beginning the construction of the new 1,700 SF LEED-certified building, site work, and utilities.

In October, the electrical and plumbing below grade work were installed and inspected. The formwork was installed, and the building footers were excavated and compacted, the termite soil treatment was applied. The vapor barrier and rebar/reinforcing were installed. The concrete was poured for the concrete building slab, 80 CY of concrete was pumped into the formwork. The monolithic pour included both a front and back porch slab with concrete stairways leading up to them. Next, the pre-engineered wooden trusses were installed via the use of a crane to fly the trusses onto the block walls of the new operations building. The trusses were flown over the building and secured to the block with masonry ties that were set into the wall during the concrete pour. The framers secured the trusses, framed the remainder of the roof, and installed the plywood sheathing. Once the sheathing inspection was passed for the pre-engineered wood truss roof system, the adhesive underlayment for the metal roof was installed to protect the sheathing from the elements. The final portion of the roof consisted of a preformed metal standing seam roof.

By February, the exterior of the new building received its final touches. The building received a Sto Corp stucco system – which is more powerful than conventional stucco – and a Stolit Lotusan finish. The finish coat consisted of a ready-mixed exterior textured finish, that mimics the self-cleaning capabilities of the lotus leaf. Replicating the lotus plant’s ability to send raindrops rolling gently off its leaves, Stolit® Lotusan® resists dirt pick up while keeping walls clean and attractive. Meanwhile, the interior framing, rough-ins and drywall work was completed. Nearing completion, the HVAC system that included special High Percentage Outside Air Units was successfully started up. The ceramic tile was completed in the locker room and restrooms, as the plumbing fixture installation was finished. The access ramp to the building was completed, and the acoustical ceiling had been installed. One of the final touches included the cabinetry installation.

The new Hernando County NW Landfill Operations Building received final inspections and opened for operations by the end of March 2018.

For more information about commercial construction, contact a COMANCO Specialist.

COMANCO is licensed, bonded, and insured. CGC #1508920.