Geosynthetics Complete for Miami-Dade Landfill Cell 20


COMANCO Environmental recently completed the installation of a 5 layer geosynthetic system covering a 10 acre new cell at the Miami-Dade Landfill in Doral, Florida.  The system iss composed of GCL (geosynthetic clay liner), 2 layers of 60-mil white HDPE liner, geonet and geocomposite.  This was completed at a rapid pace of just under 3 weeks with no accidents – great job team!  The team was lead by Superintendent, Tony Sanchez, Project Manager, Clayton Lung and Project Engineer, Thomas Raab.  All employees on-site including the on-site Engineers/inspectors were rewarded with a catered safety lunch to show our appreciation. Currently, the 8” HDPE leachate collection pipe, river gravel and protective cover sand are being installed to complete this project.  Superintendent, Arnulfo Martinez and Foremen, Nathan Wilfong & Pedro Beltran are leading these efforts.  Please see below for some progress photos.