ECS Division hard at work on the Aucilla Area Solid Waste Facility Landfill

The Environmental Construction Services (ECS) Division of COMANCO has been working for the past two months on the Cell III Expansion of the Aucilla Area Solid Waste Facility Class I Landfill in Greenville, Florida.

The team, which consists of Troy Watral (Project Manager), Nick Bridges (Project Engineer), Jim Kicsak (Site Superintendent), and Basilio Bonilla (Liner Superintendent) as well as countless others helping in the field and the office, has been working to install two layers of 60 mil Textured Geomembrane, a Leachate Collection and Leak Detection System including a network of HDPE Piping and two layers of Geocomposite, and a fully-equipped Leachate Monitoring Station. Site Personnel have also been working on relining a Leachate Aerator Pond with 100 mil Smooth Geomembrane within close proximity of the New Cell Construction on the same jobsite.

The ECS Division has utilized the efforts from personnel within the Liner and Civil Divisions, ensuring that this project will become a company-wide team effort. The project is under the Ownership of the Aucilla Area Solid Waste Administration and is being Engineered by Darabi and Associates, Inc.