COMANCO Provides Liner for Houseboat Repairs in Key West, FL


COMANCO has been providing Maritime Resources, LLC with geosynthetic liner or “pond liner” to encase the entire hull of houseboats in Key West, Florida. COMANCO prefabricates each piece of liner to fit the individual houseboat or floating structure. Maritime then fastens the liner in place with trim well above the waterline. Once the liner is in place, it is just a matter of pumping and drying the bilges. Since the high density polyethylene liner is very strong and chemically resistant, it creates a watertight seal, as well as helps to deter the barnacles from attaching to the houseboat. Once the liner is delivered, the installation process takes approximately a few days. The end result; adding years to the life of your houseboat at a fraction of the repair cost. Finally, a new and inexpensive solution for houseboat owners dealing with leaks, barnacles or an older boat.