COMANCO Making Headway on Coal Ash Landfill Closure in Central FL

COMANCO Environmental is moving along on a 19-acre coal ash landfill closure in Palatka, FL.  By effectively using the material on site, the closure area was built to design grade using cut / fill operations with no import fill required.  A 60-mil HDPE geomembrane liner and DS 300-mil geocomposite have been installed over the prepared sub-grade.  Currently, the 2’ of protective cover soil is being placed over top the liner system and the stormwater drainage system is being installed consisting of HDPE pipe & river gravel wrapped in a geotextile.  Concrete Fabriform downchutes are being constructed as well for the heavy stormwater controls.  Superintendent Nathan Wilfong, Foreman Pedro Beltran, and Project Engineer James Kile have all been key factors in the site leadership coordinating the progress of this project safely & efficiently.

COMANCO will be commencing on the 2nd phase of this project, a 4-acre vertical expansion adjacent to the closure, in the coming days.  Great job team and keep up the good work!