Cedar Trail Cell 5 Completion


COMANCO recently completed the construction of the Cell 5 expansion and Forcemain at the Cedar Trail Landfill located in Bartow, Florida. With the leadership of multiple onsite superintendents at times, COMANCO was able to come together as a team and meet the demanding schedule of May 1st it was held to. Most importantly, however, everyone involved in this project safely performed their work and tasks every day. COMANCO rewarded all its employees that were currently or have been previously been on site during this project with a Safety Lunch Cookout to show it’s appreciation for all the hard work put in. Please enjoy some pictures of the final product.

Matthew R. Remmert, EI
Project Manager

4301 Sterling Commerce Dr.
Plant City, FL 33566-7372
Office: 813-988-8829
Cell:    813-323-4479

Fax:     813-676-7990
Website: www.comanco.com