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COMANCO Provides Pre-Design Survey Data 

Tight area, existing piping that had to stay operational and unmoved, shallow depts (less than 6” at times), exposed geomembrane liner base, short turn around requirement for the data, hazardous process water–all of these factors are vigorous obstacles, or more …

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Data Driven Construction Solutions

Compared to other industries, construction is lagging when it comes to utilizing technology for the advancement of our vocation. COMANCO’s construction services, however, do not lag. Our valued customers are owed improved, safer, more efficient ways to produce enhancements to …

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Recently, several COMANCO employees received 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training, provided by Instructor Mike Steele from J.W. & Associates. HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) is designed to reduce the risks of chemical exposure to workers employed in one of …

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SAFETY Lunch Rewarded to Phosphate Crew

Recently, COMANCO’s SAFETY department recognized a phosphate crew for no major incidents and no injuries during the first 30,000 man hours of a gypstack project. This major project section consisted of 500,000 cubic yards of material moved and 1.2 million …

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Desoto County Landfill Project Abounds

Superintendent Matt Carroll and the earthwork crew, along with Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez and the liner crew, are working hand in hand to provide SAFETY, QUALITY, and SERVICE at our Desoto County Landfill project. The crews, consisting of 20 employees on …

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SAFETY Rewards are Numerous in Florida

Last Friday, members of our Mulberry Florida crew were recognized for their excellent SAFETY performance with a catered lunch. COMANCO celebrated three employees for going above and beyond the call of duty: Foreman Justino Macedo and employees Adan Loza Penaloza, and …

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Texas Crews Reap More SAFETY Rewards

Recently, Project Manager Larry Munger delivered SAFETY reward cards to two Texas crews for an outstanding performance this quarter. No SAFETY incidents occurred during the first Quarter of 2019 for these crews and as such, each person received a gift …

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