Edward Hill Celebrates 6 Years with COMANCO

COMANCO is proud to congratulate Ed, a Heavy EQ/Transport with COMANCO, who Celebrated 6 Years in October. Congratulations, Ed, on the Celebration of your sixth anniversary with COMANCO. We are very proud you chose COMANCO as your employer. COMANCO is …

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HCSS Training at COMANCO Corporate Office

This month, Heavy Construction System Specialists (HCSS) Trainer Jeff Burch facilitated a comprehensive 3-day training session with COMANCO Employees from all departments. These sessions allowed employees to learn best practices on HeavyJob, HeavyBid, and Dispatcher software to implement in their …

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COMANCO Welcomes HR Administrator Alison Batten

COMANCO is pumped to announce Alison Batten has joined the COMANCO Family as an HR Administrator! Alison comes from a wide range of HR positions and industries with 15 years of recruiting, hiring, retaining, and training. Fun fact: Alison has …

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John Jacobs Celebrates 16 Years with COMANCO

COMANCO is proud to congratulate John, a Vice President with COMANCO, who Celebrated 16 Years in October. Congratulations, John, on the Celebration of your sixteenth anniversary with COMANCO. Thank you for showing all your colleagues that pursuing excellence is the …

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COMANCO New Hires Complete Safety Training

This week, a group of new hires concluded an extensive week-long training program, which included OSHA 10, CPR, First Aid, Safety AED, and hands-on task training. Many things are involved in a CPR class, proper technique, when to perform, when …

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COMANCO Attends Crosby Training and Shrimp Boil

Certified Slings & Supply®, along with The Crosby Group, presented a day-long event of training seminars, product awareness, and a delicious shrimp boil lunch to a group of over 100 construction industry professionals. This seminar covered risk management considerations before …

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COMANCO Completes Landfill Expansion in Arizona

Just recently, COMANCO Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez and his liner crew completed a landfill cell expansion. The 300,000 sqft cell expansion consists of a Geosynthetic liner system, which included the installation of a 60mil HDPE Textured Geomembrane, Clay Liner, and 200mil …

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