Wastewater Treatment(WWT)

Protecting the environment is more than a job, it is a public trust

Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

COMANCO works with publicly-owned treatment works, (POTWs) and wastewater systems, by providing geosynthetic lined containment systems for the containment and storage of secondary wastewater and/or storm runoff.  Municipalities are affected by the EPA NPDES permit program as it relates to the handling of sanitary wastewater and storm runoff.   COMANCO can help with meeting those requirements, for both new construction and remediation of existing containment facilities.

COMANCO is the leader in geosynthetic deployment for wastewater treatment facilities, with years of experience and a commitment to safety, quality and service.  Our quality control program includes field and independent lab testing of coupons and destructive samples to ensure the integrity of every weld, seam, and repair. Using satellite technology and specialized software, COMANCO provides real-time reports that show the daily progress of the project, detailing every panel, seam, and repair by number and location coordinates.


COMANCO believes that protecting the environment is more than a job; it is a public trust. We believe in doing every job “The COMANCO Way” because it is your community and our reputation.

To learn more about using geosynthetics for wastewater containment and cutting costs, contact a COMANCO Specialist.

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