A Core Value



Safety is one of our three core values and ingrained in COMANCO’s corporate culture.  The personal safety and health of each employee are of primary importance as evidenced by COMANCO’s safety record, with a 0.59 Experience Modification Rate (EMR), issued by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

COMANCO understands that safety is more than just numbers, it is personal.  To that end, COMANCO has set a goal that 100 percent of COMANCO employees receive a minimum of 10 hours OSHA training. Currently, more than 98 percent have met this requirement.

COMANCO maintains an Environmental, Health and Safety program, conforming to the best practices in our industry.  An EHS Officer is assigned to oversee operations and observe first-hand that safety procedures are implemented, and potentially hazardous working conditions are corrected on each jobsite.


The key to accident prevention is situational awareness. Employees are constantly reminded that accidents occur when they fail to observe what is going on around them. Each employee has ‘Stop Work Authority’ if they identify a dangerous condition.  More importantly, they are trained to recognize potential hazards and to make better decisions.

The bottom line for COMANCO’s customers:  Fewer reportable incidents mean greater productivity and minimized risk.  At COMANCO, safety is always our first concern.

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