Water Storage Reservoirs

COMANCO is the quality leader in geosynthetic lined reservoirs

Water Storage Reservoirs

The increased demand for water, coupled with changes in climate, has produced a need for increased fresh water storage capacity using impermeable, geosynthetic lined reservoirs that prevent seepage and contamination from underground pollutants.

COMANCO specializes in all types of reservoir construction including:

  • Bank lined reservoirs
  • Fully lined reservoirs
  • Grey and wastewater reservoirs
  • Lining concrete and steel lined containment systems
  • Lining earthen reservoirs


COMANCO has earned a reputation as the quality leader in geosynthetic deployment, by using the latest technology and advanced materials installed by trained personnel, many of whom have been with COMANCO for five years or more. COMANCO’s commitment to safety, quality and service is exemplified by our Quality Control Program.  Our QC program uses satellite technology to mark, track and document every weld, seal, repair and panel on the project, in real time, and display it as a visual, three-dimensional rendering that includes every elevation and detail.

COMANCO understands what we do is more than a job, it is a public trust and there is no room for error. Failure is truly not an option because it is your community and our reputation at risk.

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