Our Competitive Advantage


Above is an example of a computer aided as-built of the Sherburne Generating Plant, near Becker MN.

Above, the same view during construction.

Quality is a word used by everyone but understood by few.  At COMANCO, Quality equates to Value, and that is our competitive advantage.  COMANCO follows a strict quality control protocol and has set minimum test requirements that meet or exceed ASTM and the Geosynthetic Institute, (GSI) standards.  Actual Cost is evidenced by the long term cost to maintain and replace an installation that has failed.

Our Quality Control and Assurance Team are vigilant in their pursuit of excellence.  Over the past 25 years, we have developed an extensive and thorough quality control program using advanced testing equipment, designed and built by COMANCO.

COMANCO’s commitment to quality is evident in the many installations currently in service throughout the country; they continue to perform with no reported complications.

COMANCO employs the latest technology, to provide accurate reporting of every aspect of the job, using a proprietary computer program, called CAAB® Computer Aided As-Built, (Computer Aided As-built), developed by COMANCO. This system provides a useful material management tool, by providing the customer with an AutoCAD® (.dxf) file. This file contains all the details of the project, including the location of each panel and every repair, including a three-dimensional drawing that displays all the elevations.
Our dedicated quality control department conducts training for all new personnel and continued training for all field employees. This training provides maximum oversight and monitoring of every job to ensure all documentation is completed and meets COMANCO’s high standards.

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