providing cost-effective containment solutions for over 27 years


COMANCO specializes in coal ash containment storage, as well as, wastewater storage for nuclear facilities. If you are a large power provider or small utility struggling to keep up with the new EPA Coal Ash Regulations, COMANCO is a clear choice. COMANCO can provide a complete solution that includes earthwork, geosynthetic liner installation and HDPE, PVC or iron pipe work.  Using only the highest quality geosynthetic liner material, we can help provide complete containment security.   The majority of America’s power needs are supplied by coal fire power plants and according to industry analysts; they will be for years to come.

COMANCO has been providing cost-effective containment and storage solutions for the power industry for over 27 years. In addition to building new capacity, COMANCO relines old containment sites that may be leaking.

COMANCO constructs:

  • Coal ash wet storage containment
  • Wastewater collection and overflow reservoirs
  • Drainage ponds and piping

COMANCO meets or exceeds all safety and production standards for our industry with a highly trained staff of engineers, quality technicians, heavy equipment operators and field installers. At COMANCO, we only do a job one way, ‘The COMANCO Way’, because your business and our reputation depend on it.

To learn more about what COMANCO can do to help increase profitability and reduce your risk, contact a COMANCO Specialist today.

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