Pipe Installation

Offered as a Stand-Alone Service or in Combination with Our Other Services

Pipe Installation

You may not think of COMANCO as a pipe company, but we install miles of HDPE, PVC and iron pipe every year. Applications include:

  • Leachate pipe
  • Force mains
  • Manholes
  • Stormwater piping
  • Landfill gas headers
  • Collectors
  • Wells


Frequently, COMANCO performs these services in conjunction with the installation of geosynthetic liner but offers pipe installation as a stand-alone service.  COMANCO’s skilled technicians are trained to work safely under all conditions and in tight areas.  Where dangerous fumes are present, gas monitoring equipment is deployed and closely monitored to avoid potentially fatal accidents.  At COMANCO, safety comes first.

For information about pipe installation services contact a COMANCO Pipe Specialist today and discover the COMANCO difference.