Phosphate Mining

Building and Maintaining phosphate gypsum containment for over 27 years

Phosphate Mining

COMANCO started serving the Florida Phosphate Mining industry in 1989. Today, we are the first choice for phosphate producers who depend on our experience and knowledge of this industry.  COMANCO has gained over 28 years of experience in building and maintaining storage facilities for phosphate gypsum, a processing byproduct.

Many of our phosphate mining customers have been using COMANCO exclusively for years where we have established a continued presence, continuously moving from site to site.  Over the years, the number of phosphate producers has dwindled, in part, because of increased regulation and the risk that comes with it.

COMANCO understands these risks and the importance of doing the job right, the first time. Our stringent quality control program ensures that every weld, every seam and every panel will meet or exceed the required specifications and perform to those standards for years to come.

COMANCO understands the bottom line and the need to contain costs, as well as, waste. Employing a staff of well-trained engineers, quality control technicians, field managers and installers, we are able to reduce or increase crew size as the project demands.  This helps to keep your costs low, while providing the ultimate in safety, quality and service. That’s “The COMANCO Way”, because your business and our reputation depend on it.

Contact a COMANCO phosphate mining specialist today to learn more about COMANCO and how we can limit your risk and maximize your profitability.  Contact a COMANCO Specialist.