Precious Metals Mining

COMANCO means less risk and greater profits

Precious Metals Mining

Precious metals’ mining has advanced for all precious metals, with the help of methods driven by escalating market prices and new technology.

For over 28 years, COMANCO has been helping mining producers, by providing efficient recovery solutions that allow the capture of every ounce of precious metals from wastewater effluent, while continuing to meet the EPA guidelines, to help protect the surrounding area from contamination.

COMANCO is one of the largest installers of geomembrane liners used in the storage and containment of wastewater generated in the mining process.  Our meticulous attention to detail and quality has earned us a reputation as the leading authority on the deployment of geosynthetic materials in the country.


In addition to constructing new containment facilities, COMANCO conducts renovation and relining of existing storage areas.  COMANCO meets or exceeds all EPA requirements, with an aggressive quality control program, that tests every weld, seam and panel to ensure total integrity, because your business and our reputation depend on it.

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