Specializing in Landfill Expansion, Repair and Closure Since 1989


A solid waste landfill is a complex, engineered system with many components working together to assure that environmental standards for containment are achieved. If you are a company or municipality responsible for handling millions of tons of solid waste every year, you understand the importance of keeping up with federal regulations and meeting EPA requirements.

COMANCO works with some of the largest solid waste companies and municipalities in the country, providing landfill construction services that include:

  • Earthwork and site preparation
  • Landfill gas control and recovery piping systems
  • Geosynthetic liner installation including a complex “double-composite” system where multiple layers of membrane, clay components and drainage medium are combined to provide ultimate prevention

Using GPS satellite technology and COMANCO’s proprietary software, we are able to give you a geographically accurate rendering that includes the physical detail, elevation and each panel by number of the site, leaving no room for error.

COMANCO meets or exceeds all current safety and quality control standards with a team of trained engineers, quality technicians, experienced field installers and heavy equipment operators ready to start a project anywhere in the continental U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico.  You can be assured the job will be done the right way, ‘The COMANCO Way’, because your business and our reputation depend on it.

For over 28 years, COMANCO, your first choice for Safety, Quality and Service.  Contact a COMANCO Specialist today and discover the COMANCO difference.