Landfill Gas Control and Recovery

Highly Trained for all Conditions and Configurations

Landfill Gas Control and Recovery

Landfills generate methane and other gasses produced by the decomposition of solid waste. COMANCO provides landfill gas (LFG) control and recovery systems that include:

  • LFG well drilling and installation
  • LFG Transmission Systems
  • LFG Flare installation
  • LFG Leachate collection system
  • LFG collection headers

COMANCO provides experienced LFG technicians who are highly trained to work under all conditions and in tight spaces where dangerous gasses are possibly present. Gas monitoring equipment is deployed to detect lethal concentrations of gas when present and monitored continuously. Extensive training is provided by COMANCO to ensure the safety of all field personnel. Our qualified personnel, dedicated LFG crews and national reach allow us to provide consistent, quality and safe results wherever you require.


COMANCO is dedicated to reducing risk and producing results for our customers. At COMANCO safety is our priority. To get more information about COMANCO’s LFG control and recovery services contact a COMANCO LFG Specialist today and discover the COMANCO difference.