Floating Covers

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions

Floating Covers

For over 28 years COMANCO has been constructing and installing floating covers as a cost-effective alternative to fixed-cover systems for:

  • Liquid and semi-solid storage
  • Potable water storage
  • Odor control
  • Biogas capture
  • Chemical containment
  • Evaporation control
  • Reduce airborne containments and algae growth
  • Heat loss prevention

COMANCO offers a complete Floating Cover solution including:

  • Cable tensioned cover for potable and process water
  • Defined sump covers for potable and process water
  • Pressure dome covers for biogas capture and containment


COMANCO is experienced with installing all types of geomembrane materials such as: HDPE, reinforced polypropylene and XR-5, dependent upon the material to be contained.

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COMANCO supports the use of Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development.

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