Decorative Ponds

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Decorative Ponds

Decorative ponds provide an added dimension to any architectural design.  COMANCO recently completed a project for the Florida Polytechnic University, lining seven ponds with 60-mil HDPE smooth geomembrane liner.  COMANCO then added two feet of soil, with sod, to cover the exposed banks, creating a natural look once the ponds were filled with water.  The time to complete each pond was approximately one week.

COMANCO installs decorative ponds for:

  • Golf Courses
  • Reflecting Ponds for Monuments
  • Commercial and Municipal Fountains
  • Artificial Landscape Features
  • Amusement Parks and Zoos
  • Private Homes
  • Public Gardens
  • Resorts


A decorative pond or lagoon lined with a geomembrane is vastly superior to the compacted clay-lined ponds of the past.  Compacted clay liners are expensive to install and tend to crack and leak over time.

COMANCO installs geosynthetic liners quickly and economically using minimal equipment.  The flexibility of the geomembrane allows the liner to conform to any size and shape and can accommodate the most creative design requirements.  The edges of the liner can be blended into the surrounding landscape creating an undetectable transition.

To add the beauty of a decorative pond or lagoon to your next project, contact a COMANCO Specialist today and discover the COMANCO difference.

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