West County Landfill LTS Update – Inlet Tank Installation


COMANCO installed three inlet tanks back into the original Class I Inlet Pad area of the West County Landfill in Richmond, California after applying epoxy to waterproof the containment area.  One of the three inlet tanks is a new construction of reinforced fiberglass to hold 6,000 gallons of leachate from the Class I Landfill Well Field.  The two original polymer tanks have been retro-fitted with Seismic Collars to protect the tanks from rupturing in the event of an earthquake.  These two original tanks are to be used in conjunction with the new tank to allow storage of 15,000 gallons of leachate prior to treatment in the new Leachate Treatment Plant.

Placement of the existing polymer tanks took place over a two day period.  The Seismic Collars were placed and readied for the polymer tanks, but as the day progressed, the polymer expanded due to radiant heat. Each tank grew by three or four inches during the day and would not fit into the Seismic Collars after they expanded.  During the night as the temperatures decreased, so did the size of the tanks. The next morning, the tanks had reduced in size to fit inside the collars, and the lift was completed.



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