Filter Piping Project Underway for COMANCO


COMANCO is currently working on a sand filter piping project for a Central Florida chemical company. Superintendent Tommy Terry along with Foreman Gerardo Ruiz are leading the crew on this project. COMANCO’s scope of work for this project will entail excavating the sand tailings area and installing approximately 4,420LF of 36” HDPE corrugated pipe and 17,160LF of 12” HDPE corrugated pipe. All 12” pipe will be wrapped with single sided Geocomposite (layer of Geonet and layer of Geotextile).

As this project is still in the early stages, please enjoy some photos of the COMANCO crew pre-fabbing the 12” corrugated pipe with Geocomposite. As always, COMANCO is looking to complete this project incident free while providing the highest quality product.


Mosaic Filter Piping 1 (3) Mosaic Filter Piping 1 (2) Mosaic Filter Piping 1 (1)


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