Deployment Continues at Idaho Phosphate Plant

IMG_1620COMANCO Environmental continues deployment of HDPE liner and geocomposite at a phosphate plant in Pocatello, Idaho. The 61 acre stack is well over halfway complete and moving fast! The crew has installed over 1,576,000 SF of 60mil textured and smooth HDPE geomembrane. Geocomposite vent strips are being installed under the geomembrane to relieve any buildup of gasses. Pipe boots, seep shields, and rub sheets are also being deployed throughout the stack.

Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez and a 14 man crew have been battling with heavy rain, snow, and high winds but continue to move forward ahead of schedule. The crew is working great together in order to get the steep slopes lined. The crew is expected to wrap up the first mobilization by the end of next week. Keep up the quality work!IMG_0687IMG_0695IMG_0676005 009 011 013IMG_1624 IMG_1619  IMG_1621


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