COMANCO Extends Gas Well Risers at Landfill in Bradenton, Florida


This week COMANCO extended the HDPE gas well risers vertically 10′ via electrofusion welds to allow for additional area to place waste at a landfill in Bradenton, Florida. The entire project team including operations, safety, estimating, and fleet met prior to mobilization to discuss the scope of work, safety hazards, and safety controls. The team made the right safety decisions for the job; installing pipe plugs to prevent any hazardous gas from entering the work area, having employees wear gas detection monitors as a safety control, using scaffolding rather than a ladder for better stability and workability, and utilizing a hand saw over a sawzall to control sparks. Steve Whittum, Pedro Beltran, and Bill Newman executed the plan safely and on schedule, finishing up yesterday evening for the owner. Another example of working together to come up with the best plan prior to mobilizing onsite. Great job team!


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