COMANCO Crew Working at Central FL Landfill Receive Safety Gift Cards


COMANCO crews working at a Central Florida Landfill were rewarded this week with 1st quarter Safety gift cards.  Project Manager Dragan Milosavljevic, Project Engineer Evan Cline, Superintendents Chase Yarbrough and Jorge Barrantes and Foremen Matt Carroll, Kenny Frazier and Gerardo Ruiz thanked the entire crew for working SAFELY on the construction of the new landfill cell.

The activities that took place on site, in the first quarter, included excavating, hauling, and placing of fill material, excavating and hauling away unsuitable materials, and the installation of a storm water culvert.  The crews are now ready for liner deployment.

COMANCO would like to thank these employees for their commitment to COMANCO’s safety culture.



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