COMANCO Begins Work on a WWTP Pond Improvement Project

COMANCO has begun work on a pond improvement project at a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Ft. Myers, FL.  The existing liner was nearing the end of its life expectancy, so COMANCO, in conjunction with a licensed engineer, designed the improvements for a new system.  COMANCO will begin the project by removing the existing liner from the pond, and re-grading the subgrade to ensure proper elevations and slope.

The crew, led by Foreman Jorge Gomez and Superintendent David Haygood, will then install a gas venting system made up of double-sided composite, and complete the renovation by re-lining the pond with 60mil textured HDPE liner.  COMANCO is also utilizing a geosynthetic material cutter that not only expedites the project but significantly reduces ergonomic and cutting hazards of our employees.  This is just another example of how COMANCO leads the way in safety!



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