COMANCO Begins Drain Work in North Florida

This week, COMANCO Environmental began installing outlet drains on a gyp stack expansion project in north Florida.  COMANCO excavated to the appropriate grade using a GPS-equipped excavator.  Once the outlet was to grade, the liner seepshields were then extrusion welded to the existing liner.  The seepshields act as a barrier to keep water flowing through the outlet pipes from eroding away the gypsum around them.

Once the seepshields were in place, COMANCO began to install the HDPE outlet pipes.  All pipe fusion for this project will be completed utilizing our data-logging capabilities to ensure quality welds.  Once the outlet pipes are all in place, the crew will backfill around the pipes, and compact them with a remote-control “trench roller.”  Stay tuned for updates as Foreman Jesus Delgado and the 4-man pipe crew continue to make progress.

Site Superintendent Arnulfo Martinez supervises the drain installation while continuing liner deployment on the other side of the expansion.  To date, COMANCO has now installed nearly 4.3 million square feet of 60-mil textured HDPE liner.




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